We asked you to tell us what you thought…

The vast majority of you (over 92%) responded that you were satisfied or very satisfied with our service.

The Insolvency and Trustee Service annual client survey was held in May, and we really appreciate the time you took to tell us about your experience with us. The general theme seemed to be ‘keep doing what you are doing, and do more of it!’

There were a lot of very positive comments, including:

‘It was such a good experience to talk about and open up about my situation and then deal with it positively.’

‘The website provides clear and accessible information – not the legalistic jargon one might find elsewhere.’

‘It did give me the right info to make an informed decision. Thank you.’

‘Keep doing what you are doing and helping people like myself.’

There were also a number of good suggestions for how we can continue to improve our service, and we will be looking to see how we can implement these. Simplifying our application process and the letters we send you, and contacting you to provide more information about what happens once you have been accepted into a procedure, were popular requests.

If you have any other suggestions, please contact us at info@insolvency.govt.nz.