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There are numerous organisations ready to help you with any sort of problem you may be having, whether you need support for your business or personal assistance. Often just talking to someone can make a positive difference.

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There are 2 steps to setting up an account — ensuring you have a RealMe login, and completing the user registration details.


Your personalised dashboard makes it easier to keep track of your applications or claims. From here you will also be able to update your personal information and apply for consent to travel.

How do I

Need help completing one of our online services? Take a look at our selection of how-to instructions.

Forms and tools

Before you apply for insolvency it’s a good idea to gather all the relevant documents together. We have compiled a checklist and put all the forms and tools you’ll need together in one place.

Find a DRO Supervisor

Debt Repayment Order Supervisors help you deal with your creditors and need to be approved by the Official Assignee. Here you will find a directory of Supervisors who have all been approved by the Insolvency and Trustee Service.

For DRO Supervisors

If you are interested in becoming a SIO Supervisor you can find all the forms and checklists here.

The guidelines are designed to assist supervisors by providing general details of the legal framework and the Official Assignee’s expectations of Supervisors.

Download the official training manual for SIO Supervisors.

To become a SIO Supervisor, you must provide the Application Number of the SIO Application. The person applying for the SIO can provide you with the Application Number.

Before your Consent can be processed, you may need to complete a separate SIO Supervisor Application process, particularly if this is your first time.