Overview of filing your claim

If you are owed money by a bankrupt person, person in a Debt Repayment Order, or company in liquidation, you need to file a claim. Otherwise you will not receive any payments that may be made from the estate.

Using our online system you can:

  • File your claim and evidence
  • Receive instant confirmation that your claim is registered
  • View progress updates on the estates where you have lodged a claim
  • Change or withdraw your claim

Realistic expectations

You are likely to get at least some of the money you are owed from a Debt Repayment Order, but not from a No Asset Procedure.

You may, or may not, get some or all of your money back from a liquidation or bankruptcy. It depends on the circumstances of the individual case.

It takes time to complete the administration of the estate. For example, it usually takes 3 years to complete a Debt Repayment Order.

You won't have any chance of recovering money owed to you if you don't file a claim in a bankruptcy or DRO.

You need to be able to prove you are owed money. It's important you provide evidence for your claim. 

You must take your own action - either through a debt collection agency or by other means - to recover any debt you are owed by someone who is not listed on the public registers. If the company that owes you money is not listed, try searching the Companies Register(external link) to see if another liquidator has been appointed.

What evidence do I need to provide?

You will need to provide documents to show you were owed money at the date when the person became bankrupt or entered the DRO or the company was placed into liquidation. You are entitled to include interest on your claim up to the date of insolvency in accordance with any credit contract or loan agreement you entered into with the debtor. You can’t add interest or penalties after this date. Examples of evidence include:

  • copies of loan agreements
  • court orders
  • invoices.

The amount shown in your evidence should be the same as the amount you are claiming.