If owed by NAP debtor

The claim process

If you are owed money by a person who has entered a No Asset Procedure (NAP), you can’t chase them directly to repay the debt. You can file a claim for what you are owed but you will not receive any payments from the estate. 

Will I get regular updates?

The Official Assignee will send a notice to all known creditors to tell them about the NAP. If the person who owes you money is listed on the Insolvency register, but you have not received any notices, contact the Official Assignee to make sure that they know you are owed money.

Will I get my money back, and if so, when?

You will not receive any money from a person who has entered into a NAP. The NAP is intended for debtors who do not have any assets to sell and don’t have enough income to make payments to creditors. 

Objections process

If you are listed as a creditor by someone who has applied for a No Asset Procedure, you can object to the order any time before the debtor is discharged, or officially released from their debt.

You can only object if you think that the person was incorrectly admitted in the No Asset Procedure, e.g. if you know that they have hidden assets.

To object, complete an objection form and send it to the Official Assignee before the discharge date.